A Builders Companion

The Builder’s Companion, are two books that are your ‘companion’ through your building journey. There are three versions of each book that are tailored to meet codes and conditions found in your area. These are US/Canada, UK/Ireland and Australia/New Zealand. Good advice crosses boundaries and things that are true in one part of the world are just as true in other parts. So, if you are building anywhere at all in this world, The Builder’s Companion will provide valuable advice.

You will be advised on things you need to know before you commence and how to get the best input from your professional consultants. The world has embraced green technologies and you will engage with new concepts and deliver a modern home designed to meet the coming climate challenges. By design you can include high quality features within your budget.


  • BOOK 1 starts from the dream and takes you up to approval to commence.
  • BOOK 2 picks up from you having a permit and takes you to project completion.


Stories and experiences are shared as many lessons are best remembered in the ‘story ’ form. This approach is unique and personal and you can reach out to Philip to ask a question or just tell him how you are getting on.


We all need a building buddy … or A Builders Companion.

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