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Question: Can we be more than a single thing?

Most of us concentrate on being what we are at any given moment, but we must all multi-task. Homebuilders set out to achieve the 'mission impossible' of building to a high standard and yet meeting a budget.

As home owners we must include modern technologies but still recognises that skills and crafts still have their place.

The world is changing fast and many amongst us remember when what is today taken for granted was simply not yet invented let alone just expensive or difficult. Things are moving faster all the time and the homebuilder must be able to adapt and up for the challenge.

Question: What will you juggle?

You have a life that you will challenge, because no matter who you are, homebuilding will challenge you. It will challenge you physically and mentally and when you win, you get the sort of satisfaction that is reserved for people who have achieved something truly significant.

You will have taken on the world and found success.

The two questions posed were :

Can we be more than a single thing?
What will you juggle?

To be a home builder you must answer that;

Yes You Can...
Whatever It Takes...

About us

We are here to support you and this website will have blogs and advice.

But life is not a one way street - be companionable and get involved. We all learn from others on the same journey especially if they have stopped off at places you are yet to visit.

About design

The Environment and what features you shall include?
What can you afford?
How much will it cost?
What design will receive a construction permit?
What works will you personally carry out?
What will your professional team look like?
What is a 'Good Deal' to you?
Why do you 'Start at the End' and 'Finish at the Beginning'?

These are all good questions but there are many more…..

About Philip

Born into a building family, Philip always had his eye on the trade. After leaving school, he joined a prestigious building company and went on to become a qualified building surveyor and a Member of the Chartered Institute of Building (MCIOB). Philip has acted as a consultant across the US as well as partnering with US based companies to develop projects in the Caribbean.


He has completed projects in the UK, Ireland, Europe, North Africa and Australia. At the invitation of the US government, he has spoken to and met educational and trade association groups across the US regarding construction training and Modern Methods of Construction. Philip has worked on numerous ‘special’ new build residential projects and on many public & government buildings, railway infrastructure, retail, commercial, clinical & medical facilities and apartment blocks.


Over the years, Philip’s company has won awards from the Royal Institute of British Architects, the Civic Trust, the Department of the Environment and the National House Builders Council (NHBC). He is an experienced public speaker and shares his take on current building matters and related topics. He has also supported and served as a board member of charities promoting training in the construction industry for young people and mid-career changers.


First and foremost, Philip is a builder.


Philip can be contacted directly at [email protected]

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