Waiting Game

By steve pollock | May 12, 2022


By Philip Fitzpatrick | September 9, 2021

Start, where you want to end up! Visualise how things should look and work towards that goal. The only way to avoid having lots of defects and imperfections on completion is to pick them up as works proceed. It is unreasonable to imagine defects will never occur. It’s how you deal with them that makes […]

Are You a Champion?

By Philip Fitzpatrick | September 2, 2021

When you are building your own home do you need a champion? Let’s rephrase that: Do you need a champion or does the project need a champion? I believe that the project needs a champion – a key ingredient of success in all building projects is having someone prepared to stand up and take responsibility. […]

Light Design

By Philip Fitzpatrick | September 2, 2021

Which Outdoor Lights? Do you spend as much time designing and selecting outdoor light fittings as indoor light fittings? External lighting is an area where a little thought and hardly any effort can make a huge difference to your average moth. Moths pollinate plants and are a food source for birds, bats, lizards and other […]

The Cardinal Points of a Zero (NET) Carbon House

By Philip Fitzpatrick | September 2, 2021

Is there such thing as a Zero Carbon House? All the materials and labour involved in the construction process create carbon gasses. There is a general understanding of the accepted definition of a ‘house’, so let’s clarify the ‘Zero Carbon’ bit. All components manufactured across the globe and later transported to your site produce carbon […]

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